3 Ways to Win Your Slice of a $2 Million Pie

Do you want to find out how you can win free money for your education?  Here, one student dishes on how she won a recent scholarship from Globe University.

Brandy Fish gives a massage to a community member as part of a service learning project.

Brandy Fish, Massage Therapy school student at Globe University Appleton, recently received the Community Service Scholarship award and was given $2,000 to use towards her education. Brandy is just one of over 2,000 students who won scholarships from Globe Education Network. Combined, these students received almost two million dollars in scholarship funds from the educational institution last quarter.

Brandy was thrilled when she learned that she had won the Community Service Scholarship award. She says that this scholarship will help her financially while finishing up her Associate’s degree in Massage Therapy. “This scholarship really takes a burden off my shoulders since I also have expenses that I have to take care of in addition to a full time job,” Brandy said. “The feeling you get when you win a scholarship is amazing because it shows you that hard work and effort really pays off.”

So how did Brandy do it? Here are three tips that Brandy says will help a student’s chances of receiving a scholarship.

1. Dedication

Brandy says that if you really commit to something, you should follow through. If you’re dedicated and serious about your education, you’ll be more likely to seek out and apply for scholarships that will help you succeed.

2. Hard work

The harder you work at something, the more you will see your successes come to light. Be diligent in your studies and research for new opportunities. Hard work can show that you deserve a scholarship as a reward.

3. Community Involvement

Brandy often volunteers with local organizations. Here, she is giving a free massage at the Community First Fox Cities Marathon.

If you are involved with extracurricular activities that help your community, you can reap rewards such as the community service scholarship. Helping local organizations or people in need can not only help make yourself feel good, but it looks great on applications for jobs and scholarships as well.

A recent press release from the school noted that scholarships are just one of several initiatives the school employs to make college more affordable for everyone. Jeff Myhre, chief communications officer, said “Each year hundreds of students receive scholarships, with scores of the awards $10,000 or more.”