6 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

Globe University-Appleton

Globe University deans and directors dish about interview deal-breakers.

You got an interview! Congratulations! But now what? Buy a new outfit? Brush up on your interviewing skills? Shout it from the rooftops? Stop right there! If you’re really looking to get hired, be sure to read up on these six job interview deal-breakers.

In this edition of “Directors Dish,” our directors and deans on campus at Globe University-Appleton spill their deal-breakers when it comes to hiring a new employee.

1. If you’re on time, you’re late

Director of Admissions Jordan Klein says that he won’t take a second look at candidates that show up late for the interview. “No matter what the reason for being late, you will leave a bad impression if you don’t show up on time,” Jordan said. “Plan on being in the area of the interview location 30 minutes early.  Scout the location and go grab some coffee somewhere close—you can easily time it out to arrive 10 minutes prior to your interview time.”

2. Keep it professional

Dean of Students Ann Hintz is rubbed the wrong way when candidates aren’t dressed professionally and have poor communication skills. “I like to look beyond the qualifications and into the soft skills—communication, professionalism and attitude,” Ann said. “If you are a ‘Negative Nelly,’ you probably won’t get hired.”

3. First impressions are everything

Director of Career Services Jenny Schroth knows a thing or two about interviewing properly. She says that most employers will decide if they would hire you in the first 30 seconds! “It starts with your first impression—body language, eye contact, attire, hygiene, communication skills, confidence and level of enthusiasm,” Jenny said.

4. Personality is key

Director of Financial Aid Melissa Crabb says that she won’t hire someone that seems negative or makes excuses. Try to be yourself, but keep your nerves on the backburner. “I want to see the real person,” Melissa said. “If it’s not a good fit, then no one is happy.”

5. Keep it Clean

Dean of Faculty Melissa Chakar has two pet peeves that will keep your name off her radar. You won’t get a second chance if you use poor grammar or if you bash previous employers. There is a way to maturely address issues in the past, but, Melissa says, “If you’re going to talk poorly about a previous employer, then you will most likely do that about me.”

6. Do your research

Campus Director Kimberly Stevens can decide whether or not she would hire someone in the first few minutes based on first impressions—make sure you smile! Beyond that, she likes to know that a candidate has done their research. “One of the first questions I ask in an interview is why did the applicant apply for the position,” Kimberly said. “If the candidate cannot eloquently answer this question and include one or two pieces of information from the job description, then I don’t believe they prepared for the interview or even know what they are applying for.”