Appleton Campus Sees New Staff Within Past Quarters

Globe University-Appleton is proud to announce the hiring of three new staff members within the last couple of months to help students during their journey at Globe.


Associate Director of Admissions, Robyn Van Bogart

The new associate director of admissions, Robyn Van Bogart, made the move to education and admissions nine years ago, after  working at a staffing agency.  That is when Robyn decided she wanted more out of her job at the end of the day.

“I needed that feeling that I helped change someone’s life,” she said. “And though I may have connected a person with a job, filling a need for income and long term employment for their family, I didn’t get that feeling that I was ‘empowering’ an individual.”

When the opportunity to work in admissions came up, she said “I jumped at the offer to help provide an education to individuals and improve themselves, their way of life, of thinking and ability to impact others.” Robyn started at GU-AP in June.


Evening Administrative Assistant, Amber Germain

Maintaining professional connections and networking paid off for the new evening administrative assistant, Amber Germain. Massage therapy program chair, Kathryn Tollefson, had previously worked with Amber and told her about this new position. Amber works closely with the current students at the front desk and is the first point of contact for perspective students and guests. Amber has been in her position with GU-AP since July and she hopes to pursue a degree in Business Management.

Jamie Slewinski, financial aid manager, is our newest staff member. She started in September and has been working diligently with students regarding their financial aid future. She said she stumbled upon the notion of working in financial aid while being a student worker in college for nursing. She then switched her major to business administration and human resource management at Carroll University.


Financial Aid Manger, Jamie Slewinski

Jamie has been working in financial aid for the past 11 years. Of her experience at Globe, she said “It has been very refreshing to work at a school with such positive co-workers and career focused students. Everyone has been so friendly, welcoming and willing to share their experiences with me.”

Campus Director, Kim Stevens, welcomes the new staff.

“Welcome to GU-AP Robyn, Amber, and Jamie. You each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in your roles to our campus. While new to GU, you have a combined 30 years of service in your respective careers. Our faculty, staff, and students can only benefit from your contributions. Thank you for joining GU-AP.”