Are You On This List? You Should Be!

They wake up at the crack of dawn, sometimes after only getting three or four hours of sleep the night before. Their nightstands are glittered with highly caffeinated colas, highlighters, pens and notebooks lying over dimly lit alarm clocks. They work two jobs and even picked up that extra closing shift even though they would much rather have spent the night at the ball game with friends.

perfect attendance

Your class attendance directly correlates with your success!

Who are they? Students! And not just any students, I might add–they are students worthy of receiving an award that very few students in higher education are motivated to achieve. They are ‘Perfect Attendance’ students! It may seem a bit lofty to hold perfect attendance at such a high standard, but there are so many reasons why it’s more important than we think when it comes to attending college courses, especially at Globe University. Let’s look at a few reasons:

Attending Class is Like Going to Work

If you can’t show up to class (and show up on time), you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t get into the bad habit of sleeping through that alarm, or staying out extra late when you know you have to make that 8 a.m. class. Attending each and every class is great practice for life out in the real world, with a real job.

Low Attendance? Low Grades!

Most likely, your grade in any course will reflect your attendance. Are you going to class, participating, and absorbing all of the information that the instructor has to offer? Going to class and interacting with your classmates and instructor is a guaranteed way to make sure that grade stays on the better half of the scale.

Perfect Attendance Could Lead to Rewards

Many employers have reward systems in place for employees with perfect attendance. And to follow suit, most colleges and universities do too! Globe University Academic Coordinator Alissa Warpinski says that not only can perfect attendance help you earn a better grade, it can also save you money when enrolled in any program that Globe University provides.

“By earning perfect attendance, you get a 20% refund from textbooks purchased from the school bookstore,” Alissa said. “So, if you spent $550 on books this quarter, you could get $110 off!”

So, just take a moment to think about the next time you want to play hooky. Your time, good habits, money and success—they’re all valuable things that could go to waste!

Congratulations to these Globe University students on their recent accomplishment of Perfect Attendance!

Victoria Anthony Deanna Kurth
Sarah Ashauer Teresa Lautenschlager
Stephanie Bergholtz Samantha Lueken
Virginia Berken Bradley Melum
Ryan Beyer Diane Midkiff
Ronni Blohm Lacey Miehe
Elizabeth Boneske DeeAnna Moore
Joyce Burke Faith Nicholson
Esther Burkett Stephanie Nicolais
Briana Buss Sarah Nieland
Samantha Church Sarah Niemi
Arthur DeGrave Sarah Obiala
Danna Dietz Erica Payne
Heather Doughty Sandra Pomeranski
Leshia Drewa Kendra Raymond
Michelle Evers Jennifer Reitz
Jill Foshee Jennifer Roberts
Chelsea Franczek Chi Schiavone
Charles Franklin Jason Schlake
Heidi Gain Sarah Schlichting
Courtney Gawel Jennifer Schmude
Alison Gerhardt Heather Scholz
Sonia Hall Kelli Schultz
Brittany Hesse Elizabeth Schuster
Anthony Holbrook Kimberly Szozda
Hannah Johnson Priscilla Tepolt
Nicole Keeney Kendra Verstegen
Tawnie Kiel Stephanie Voelker
Christina King Troy Wenzel
Ashley Krause DeAnna Zielke