Calm Out of Chaos: Massage Brings Relief During Hospital Appreciation Week

When was the last time you had a doctor’s appointment? Maybe you visited a friend in the hospital? How about an unexpected trip to the emergency room? We often forget about the dedication it takes to be a hospital employee and the challenging work schedules required to be available to you at any time. Even still, it’s a job many people love doing every day.  

massage therapy program

Students at Globe University often participate in events that benefit the local community.

Last week was Hospital Appreciation Week, and Globe University-Appleton students and staff made sure to help hospital doctors, nurses, administrators and other staff feel appreciated for all of the work they do.

For an entire month, students coordinated and donated toiletries for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin toiletry drive. The hospital then provides these items free of charge to patients that need them.

On Wednesday, May 15, massage therapy program students set up shop near the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin at Theda Clark Hospital in Neenah, Wis.

massage therapy program

More than 20 Globe University students gave 50+ massages throughout the day.

The students were excited to provide a break in the day for so many employees that are working hard on their feet all day. They were able to bring a calming sense of relaxation in an otherwise busy and hectic environment.

Brandy Fish, Globe University massage student, said that she enjoyed giving back to the nurses and staff who help others each day. “It’s a little something to show that we care,” Fish said. “We also get to use the techniques we’ve been working on in the classroom—it’s a win-win situation.”

To see more pictures of this event, head to the Facebook album here.