Community Service Leads to Free Money – Who Knew?

Globe University student Roger Jazdzewski particpates in a Karaoke event on campus. He remains active in extra-curricular events both on and off campus.

Roger Jazdzewski has been volunteering for an anime convention as the information chair for over three years. He never thought that one day he would be paid for it. His hard work would eventually pay off – in the form of a Community Service Scholarship award.

During his first year in school at Globe University, Roger learned that the career college offered community service scholarships to students that have excelled in performing community service and volunteer hours outside of their schoolwork.  He decided to apply for the scholarship even though he never expected any recognition for helping out with the convention.

The Kitsunekon anime convention has always been important to Roger. He got involved in 2009 and remains excited about the experiences he has gained since then, even though he’s never been given any money for his community service. He’s met new people, learned new things and increased his passion for the hobby.

“Winning the award was a really great feeling because I have never won anything like this before,” Jazdzewski said. “The fact that I won a scholarship as well makes me very happy because it makes schooling less costly.”

While on the job, Roger helps Kitsunekon convention-goers will all of their informational needs when it comes to where and when events are taking place. “I have been working with Kitsunekon since 2009 and I love every bit of it,” Jazdzewski said. “Yes, it does get a bit stressful, but in the end, it is always worth the effort. Volunteering is a very rewarding experience that makes a difference in the world.”

Roger’s scholarship was just a small chunk of the millions of dollars in scholarships that Globe University gives to students each year. Roger is one of two students at Globe University-Appleton to receive the Community Service Scholarship.

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