Director of Career Services Jenny Schroth Receives TRiO Achiever Award

Written by Kimberly Stevens, campus director

Recently, I had the privilege of being present while Jenny Schroth, our very own director of career services at Globe University-Appleton, received the TRiO Achiever Award. What’s the TRiO Achiever Award, and why did Jenny win? These are two great questions that I will help answer.

Director of Career Services Jenny Schroth and Campus Director Kimberly Stevens

TRiO Achiever Award requirements:

  • Participate in and successfully complete a TRiO program
  • Earn a bachelor’s or terminal degree from an accredited institution
  • Achieve high performance in their position or outstanding academic achievement
  • Employed above entry level in their profession or enrolled in an advanced degree program
  • Make significant civic, community, or professional contributions
  • Participation in the TRiO program has a significant impact on the participant

Why Jenny?

Jenny attended Ripon College and was the first in her family to go to college. Jenny was from a small town, and she also didn’t have much financial support for her education. Although Jenny achieved a 4.0 GPA in high school and was valedictorian of her graduating class, college was different.

Jenny wanted to quit

While skeptical, Jenny enrolled at Ripon College and hated it within the first two weeks. Jenny wanted to quit college and decided to visit the student support services office to discuss her withdrawal. Instead, Jenny received words of encouragement and tutor support. Jenny faced challenges her freshman year, but her grades improved and she was growing to enjoy college. In Jenny’s sophomore year, she headed back to the student support services office, but this time, she signed up to be a tutor for other students. She was immediately paired with an incoming freshman and she provided this student with all the support and tutoring she received the year prior.

Jenny went for it

Towards the end of Jenny’s senior year, she headed back to the student support services office where she was asked the dreaded question, “What are you planning to do after college?” While the office asked Jenny the question, they already knew the answer. They wanted Jenny to apply for the McNair Scholarship where she could go to the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities for the summer to study and conduct research for a grant the institution received.

Once again, Jenny was skeptical and hesitant, but she went for it. And she’s glad she did; she won the scholarship and lived in the Twin Cities for the summer. Jenny enjoyed the experience so much that she applied to the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities for graduate school and she not only did she get in, she received the Dove Scholarship, which was a full-ride scholarship for her graduate degree program.

Dedicated to helping you find success

Jenny’s story is a successful one, and is a similar story for many of our students. She was scared, hesitant and reluctant to pursue college, but she faced her fears and sought encouragement and support when she needed it. Next time you need encouragement, please speak to anyone on campus, and we will help you find answers. Next time you want to give encouragement, please give Jenny a high five. Jenny was a success in her college pursuit, and she is equally as successful in helping you find your career pursuits.