Do You Know How to Dress to Impress?

On Aug. 28, 64 students at Globe University’s Appleton campus attended the 2nd Annual Dress to Impress event held on campus, where Belinda Dahl, store manager at The Limited in the Fox River Mall, served as the guest speaker. But how do you dress for an interview if you’re a vet tech, medical assistant, or massage therapy student? Dahl shared several tips for professions such as these where choosing your interview attire may seem to be a bit more difficult, since your workplace attire may be a standardized uniform.Globe University Appleton

Dahl shared how to dress to impress while at an interview, and also pointed out that tailoring your attire to your specific industry is a critical part of the puzzle. She stated that vet tech, medical assistant or massage therapy students should plan to wear business casual attire.

What defines “business casual attire”? Dahl shared a few key points:

  • Well pressed pants with a button down shirt (tie is optional for men)
  • Cardigans/jackets – layered with a dressy top underneath
  • Skirts/dresses should be close to the knee
  • Shoes should be closed-toe and professional, not too casual
  • When wearing blouses/shirts alone, ensure appropriate undergarments

If you are pursing the fields of business, accounting, paralegal, or health care management you need to invest in your power suit! This sort of attire may align closely with your future employer’s dress code. What makes up a power suit? Dahl explained:

  • Tailor your suit to fit appropriately; this is a worthwhile investment!
  • Color should be neutral (black, navy, dark grey)
  • For women, the bottom of the suit could be either pant or skirt/dress (with a skirt/dress ensure hosiery is worn and the length of the skirt/dress is close to the knee)
  • Top of the suit is shirt/tie for men and shirt/blouse or a high neckline shell for women
  • No open toed sandals or heels higher than 3-4 inches, and they should be more formal and scuff-free.

In addition to these guidelines, Dahl gave the students tips on overall appearance. She stated that hair should be well-groomed (including guys’ facial hair), make-up should be kept natural, tattoos should be covered (if possible) for the interview, accessories shouldn’t be too gaudy, and cologne or perfume should be kept subtle.

Thank you, Belinda Dahl and The Limited for your guidance in how to dress to impress, and for tailoring the event (no pun intended) to the specific programs of our students!