Globe University-Appleton Announces New Medical Assistant Program Chair

Globe University-Appleton has announced a new medical assistant (MA) program chair, but she is not an unfamiliar face.

Michelle Vanden Heuvel (right) practicing taking blood pressure with one of her students.

“Michelle Vanden Heuvel has accepted another title. She has been with Globe University-Appleton since 2011 as the MA program externship coordinator, and assumed the roles of the medical administrative assistant and health care management program chair this past year.

Michelle will be focusing on her program chair role for the three programs moving forward,” said Ann Hintz, dean of education. “Her passion for the health care field has been felt on many levels by those on campus. Her dedication to the programs and to the student experience and success is amazing. Michelle’s passion for student success and ensuring that our health care programs have strong leadership and academic standards made her an ideal candidate for this role,” Ann said.

To get to know Michelle even better, continue reading to learn more about her background and experience!

What is your experience in the healthcare field?

I have been in health care for the past 17 years. I started out as a certified nursing assistant in oncology at the local hospital where I grew up. From there I had a variety of different positions from an OB tech in women’s health to an office manager/clinical assistant at a private practice podiatrist’s office. After I earned my nursing degree and my license, I worked in several clinics, both in general practice and specialty, as well as an ambulatory surgery center before joining Globe full time.


What is your educational background?

I received my certified nursing assistant training and other individual medical courses from Lakeshore Technical College, my bachelor’s degree in nursing from Bellin College of Nursing, and my master’s degree in health care management from Globe University.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

My favorite aspect of teaching is being able to work with the wide variety of students and knowing that I am participating in educating the future of health care.

What is your goal for your new role?

One of my goals as MA program chair is to provide opportunities for MA students to participate in activities which promote unity within the program.

“Michelle is a team player who is flexible, and she possesses a work ethic that is hard to beat. Michelle demonstrates a desire to be successful and she is only successful when her students are. Michelle works hard, and her hard work is fueled by her students. Every step she takes, every decision she makes is in the best interest of her students,” shared Kimberly Stevens, campus director.

Congratulations, Michelle!