Globe University-Appleton Committed to Providing Quality Education Along with Employer-Desired Skill Set

A recent article by Lacey Johnson of The Chronicle of Higher Education details that many employers believe colleges aren’t adequately preparing students for jobs. The article, titled “Employers Say College Graduates Lack Job Skills,” was based on the results of a study by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

The group surveyed more than 1,000 employers in various industries about whether job applicants possess the skills to thrive in the workplace. More than half of employers said finding qualified applicants is difficult, and just under half thought students should receive specific workplace training rather than a more broad-based education.

Johnson goes on to note that less than 10 percent of employers thought colleges did an “excellent” job of preparing students for work, according to survey results. Nearly 30 percent said finding the right applicant has grown harder in the past few years.

A study like this only enhances the importance of Globe University staff and instructors to commit to providing not only a great education, but also the job training, skills and hands on experience that one needs to survive as a successful employee. Upon graduating, students will enter their industry with an extensive amount of workplace training through service and applied learning initiatives and demanding Career Services objectives.

Shana Weiss, Globe University Regional Director, noted that both a quality, broad-based education and a high level of workplace training is something our staff members focus on daily.

“As a career college with a mission that states we care about both our students and employers who hire our students, it is important for us to live this every day,” Weiss said.