Globe University to Offer Doctor of Business Administration Degree

Globe University is now proud to be offering Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree at its Minneapolis campus. In addition, the DBA will be available to online students. According to Globe’s Minneapolis Dean of Faculty Kristopher Blanchard, Ph.D., “The DBA is a practitioner-driven program that arms students with advanced skills and knowledge that will help them make immediate contributions to their organizations.”

Blanchard said Globe’s DBA degree is for lifelong learners who are ready for their next career step. “This degree [DBA] is for the person who has a passion for learning and wants to give back to their field.”

Globe’s DBA program is designed for students who already have an MBA from an accredited college or university. Students take an additional 81 credits over a period of two years to dig deeper into areas like strategic planning, global workforce initiatives, evidence-based decision making, and applied research strategies.

Online Options

For students looking for the convenience of an online program, the DBA can be earned entirely online. According to Stephanie Heald-Fisher, Ph.D., Globe’s program chair for online graduate education, “Both the online and residential programs follow the same curriculum, even down to our small class sizes of eight to 10 students. “Each faculty member in the DBA program holds a terminal degree—DBA or Ph.D.—and has a minimum of three years of industry experience.”

She added, “In this hyper-competitive business environment and job market, a DBA is a credential that can help both job seekers and employees stand apart.”

The U.S. Census Bureau has found a direct correlation between educational attainment and mean income in the United States, with doctorate degree holders earning higher annual salaries than bachelor’s or master’s degree holders.

For further information call 877-303-6060 or visit the Doctor of Business Administration web page.