GU – Appleton Vet Tech Student Helps in Cat Hoarding Case

All too often, our newsfeeds are clogged with stories about animal hoarding situations. Whatever happens to those animals once they are rescued? One Globe University – Appleton vet tech student got to find out first hand.

Katie Toshner2

AP Vet Tech student Katie Toshner provides a dental cleaning to a cat at Lakes Animal Clinic.

Veterinary technology student, Katie Toshner, works as the cat kennel manager at Fond du Lac Humane Society (FHS). The FHS discovered a hoarding house in the area and needed to extract the animals from the house. The FHS was able to take in 14 cats and needed Katie’s help to transport them and help with dental cleanings and procedures. This rescue couldn’t come at a better time because Katie had just started the Dentistry class at Globe that same week.

Katie and another vet tech from FHS transported the cats from Fond du Lac to Lakes Animal Clinic in Antioch, IL, where under the supervision of Dr. John Plishka, they did dental procedures and teeth extractions on the cats. They chose Dr. Plishka because they had worked with him in the past and were able to get a great discount on the surgeries.

Katie Toshner1

AP Vet Tech student Katie Toshner doing dental cleaning on a cat rescued from a hoarding house.

“Globe has prepared and taught me in numerous ways, not only for dentals, but in my job as well. Being able to assist and perform some of the dentals gave me an early start and preview for the dentistry class I just started this quarter” Katie said.

VT dentistry instructor, Andrea Dobson, was glad that Katie got this opportunity while still studying at Globe.

“Katie’s opportunity to see and participate in a day full of feline dentistry was a great experience and will certainly give her an advantage not only in her dentistry coursework, but in her soon-to-be career!,” said Dobson.

The cats were brought back to Fond du Lac and are available for adoption. Katie was able to go back down to Lakes Animal Clinic recently to help with a few canine dentals, hernia repairs and some spays as well.