Helping Others Pays Off in 2,000 Ways

business administration program

Alison Gerhardt is a Business Administration student at Globe University Appleton.

Alison Gerhardt, business administration degree student, has been participating in community service events for years. She never dreamed that one day she would be paid for it. Through her volunteer efforts with special needs citizens, Gerhardt has been awarded the $2,000 Community Service Scholarship from Globe University.

“The achievement of winning the Community Service Scholarship feels great,” Gerhardt said.  “It really feels nice to be recognized for my actions in performing community service. Never once did I think that helping my community and doing something I love could help me receive a scholarship. I have been performing community services for as long as I can remember.”

Gerhardt says her passion for helping others began because her parents helped her realize as a young child to always help those in need. Gerhardt and her father have been participating in a trick-or-treating Halloween event that benefits special needs children for two years, and they’ve been participating in a fundraiser golf jamboree for over 15 years.

After receiving the scholarship, Gerhardt hopes that it will show others that their volunteer work can pay off in many different ways.

“Receiving this scholarship will make my time at Globe University different from now on because I like that my school recognizes and rewards students who perform community service,” Gerhardt said.

She also hopes that others will see that you could potentially be recognized for your work. Besides that, she knows that volunteering can make you feel better about yourself and your community.

“Being able to help people in need is a feeling that is extremely difficult to explain,” she said. “The only way you can really understand is by going and doing it. It really helps me realize that even when I think I’m having a horrible day, things could be a lot worse and I should be grateful for what I have.”