How to Make a Difference in Your Community

Globe University

Globe University staff and students are excited to partner with the City of Appleton again in 2013.

If you ask any student, staff or faculty member of Globe University if they know how to make a difference in their community, they’ll not only tell you—they will show you! Globe University students and staff participate in countless community service activities throughout the year.

In addition to these activities that showcase the career college’s “We Care” mission, each school also participates in a national Community Service Day event in May in which students and staff provide educational initiatives through workshops and volunteer events in their local communities.

This year, the Appleton campus of Globe University is proud to be working with the City of Appleton Parks and Recreation department on Friday, May 17. They’ll help beautify the grounds of the Scheel’s USA Youth Sports Complex for its thousands of fans that will frequent the park this season. This will be the second year that more than 50 Globe University staff and students will be assisting the City of Appleton in their efforts to clean up and organize the park before the summer begins.

Scheel’s USA Youth Sports Complex is considered one of the best sports facilities in the state, housing 15 full size soccer fields and baseball and softball diamonds. The complex brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists to the area during regularly scheduled state, regional and national competitions for youth sports.

Globe University-Appleton is just one of more than 25 schools in the Globe University system that will be participating in this year’s Community Service Day projects. Other projects that are open to the community include career planning workshops, workplace safety and anti-bullying workshops,creating free public service announcements for nonprofit organizations, and working with local Junior Achievement programs.

This year’s theme, “Building Communities Through Education,” is something that Globe University tries to envision even beyond Community Service Day. Mindy Myhre, Director of Charitable Giving for Globe University, says that the theme is a reflection of the organization’s ‘We Care’ philosophy.

“We serve the communities where our employees and students work, live and go to school,” Myhre said.