I Chose College Because…

People attend college for many reasons. Some may choose to attend college immediately after graduating high school. Some students have full-time jobs and families and want to provide a better life for their children. Some are life-long learners and wake up every morning excited to head into the classroom!

choosing a college

A Globe University instructor helps a student with an assignment.

Here, read why some Globe University-Appleton graduates and current students chose to go to college. You’ll find that they all come from different backgrounds and walks of life. If you’ve been thinking about whether to go to college—maybe you’re in high school, or looking for a new career—perhaps you will find that these students’ words will inspire you to take that next step!

Feel Better About Your Future

“Choosing to go to college has made me feel better about my future. It will make me more successful and professional.” –Ganelle Spears, Globe University graduate (Winter 2013)

“After my transplant, I wanted to do something for myself that I never thought I would have the chance to do—that was going to school for veterinary technology.”  –Leshia Drewa, Globe University graduate (Winter 2013)

Land that Dream Job

“I plan to someday work in a small animal clinic that does most of their lab work in-house. I have learned so much here and have enjoyed every second in the lab with hands-on experience!” Priscilla Tepolt, Globe University student

“When I graduate, I want to work at a veterans hospital or clinic and then possibly even go on to further my education again.

choosing a college

Presentations and activities within small classroom settings can help you succeed at Globe University

My dream job is to be head of a department at a hospital or clinic—to continue to do good for others.” Courtney Bednar, Globe University student

With Accomplishment Comes Pride

“Going to college has given me a sense of pride when completing it. I also feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I know I will take these things with me in my job to give me confidence.” Sarah Ashauer, Globe University graduate