In Case You Missed It…

On campus today…

Ruthie Bartman, a sexual assault nurse examiner at Theda Clark Hospital, Neenah, gave a presentation to students and faculty at our campus today. Ruthie explained to her audience her role in the investigation of assaults on women, children and men. She also share tips to keep from being victimized.


The Appleton Campus conducted a Tornado drill today in participation with Wisconsin Emergency Management state wide drill. The drill was conducted to practice skills and identify areas for improvement. Following the drill a debriefing was conducted to discuss the event and identified ways to improve our safety.

Tornado Watch:

  • Keep alert and watch for changing weather conditions
  • Listen to your local news reports & weather updates
  • Be ready to seek shelter at a moment’s notice

Tornado Warning:

Head to the Faculty Room beside the School Store. Sit up against a wall, covering your head with your hands and arms. You may also head to the storage area off of the commons below the stairs.