It’s National Library Week!

To celebrate, the Library is going dark…very dark.

(But not literally…the lights are still on).

This week and next, the Library will be hosting a Tournament of Villains!

Match up villains from fiction and cinema and figure out who is the worst, the meanest, the most worthy of being crowned the Champion of Evil!

Will it be Sauron or the Big Bad Wolf? Only YOU can decide!

If you’re wondering how this works…

We have 64 Villains to start with. Come to Library and vote for a winner in each round. The Referee will tally up all of the votes and 32 Villains will move on to the next round…and so on.

Bonus: Make a guess at who might be crowned Champion of Evil and you could win a prize. YOU CAN ONLY GUESS TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK. (If you aren’t on campus either day, email me and I will send you the list of villains…then send me your guess and I’ll get you in the drawing).


Tuesday: 64 Villains go head to head to see who moves on to Round 2

Wednesday: 32 Villains go head to head to see who moves on to Round 3

Thursday: The Sour Sixteen…let’s see who moves on to Round 4 on Monday.

Monday: 8 Villains go head to head to see who will make the Final 4.

Tuesday: The Final 4 will be played in the morning, all votes must be in by noon. The Championship will take place Tuesday afternoon. Get your votes in by 6pm! The Champion of Evil will be announced on Wednesday morning!

You don’t have to vote on all days to play! Daily battle schedules will be available in the library each day. I will also be sending them out by email each day. The first series of 64 match-ups is attached!

There is also CANDY in the Library…of course. The winners each day will be posted on the brackets in the Library!

Come and play along!!!