Medical Assistant Students Learn By Doing – Casting Water Bottles

Students in the Patient Care Sciences course at Globe University-Appleton recently enjoyed some hands-on learning by practicing casting on water bottles.

Due to the lack of a cast saw on campus, students are not able to practice on eachother. But, instructor Sarah Chojnacki knew that her students could still get the experience they needed by using everyday items like water bottles. “I like to have the students cast because it is something they could be assisting with in their job, depending upon which setting they work in,” said Chojnacki. “Casting material is not the easiest to work with.”

The students are learning casting as part of a unit on first aid and physical therapy/rehabilitation. Getting the experience of casting on campus will help them carry over their skills to any setting once they land a career in the field after college.

Chojnacki said that the students enjoy learning by doing and it is beneficial for them to get used to casting material before they need to use it in their professional careers. “I think it’s a great opportunity for the students to handle cast material now, in the learning environment, that way they would be prepared to assist with casting in the clinic.”