Modern Art: Plaster, Paint and the Community Garden Partnership

Instructor Shawn Frederick helps a student with her art project.

Instructor Shawn Frederick helps a student with her art project.

Instead of listening to a lecture about modern art, why not construct some modern art ourselves? Students in the Globe University class, Art in the Modern World, experienced just that during a recent project on campus.

Instructor Shawn Frederick asked students to construct a relief mural panel in modeling clay. Then, the panels were cast in plaster and painted. Students were working on a unit on nature, so the panels reflected that of insects, bees, plants and flowers.

The panels were then donated to the Community Garden Partnership for display in community gardens throughout the Fox Valley.

Community Garden Partnership is a program of Goodwill NCW. It is recognized by the State of Wisconsin as an outstanding partner in conservation. Community Garden Partnership provides opportunities for diverse groups to share their experiences and knowledge with other gardeners at a variety of community locations while promoting such things as self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, creation of healthy civic space, and donations to food banks.

“This project worked nicely with the Art in the Modern World class as it tied the art concepts into a practical project for the students,” Frederick said.

The Art in the Modern World course at Globe University covers the history of modern art from the last half of the 19th century to the present. Students become familiar with representative works by artists in a variety of genres and styles of modernist and post modern art, gaining an understanding of the historical context of changes in art and social and cultural forces that give rise to the eclecticism of modern art.