New Year, New You – 5 Ways to Be Resourceful with Library Technology

technology resources

Globe University Appleton librarian, Janet laPlante, is always ready to help.

It’s no secret that technology today is moving at a rapid speed. And in 2013, we will only see more advances in science, technology, health and more. Most of these new advancements happen right at our fingertips – we’ve become increasingly dependent on our phones. Did you know? The mobile mindset study by Lookout Mobile Security found that nearly 60% of U.S. smartphone owners check their phones at least every hour — and a large portion of those check them in bed or on the toilet!

As these advancements in technology happen, are you ensuring that you are making advancements in your own life as well? As you head into the new year, remember that the options are endless when pursuing success in your education and career path – especially while using new forms of technology.

If you’re a student, you have an endless array of resources on campus as you begin school this winter. These resources have advanced along with new technology, so it’s important that you make yourself familiar with them and take advantage of the unlimited possibilities.

Janet LaPlante, Globe University-Appleton librarian, notes that although the library is a great place to read thousands of books, magazines and journals, you can also take advantage of many more resources. Here, she lists just some of those resources:

  1. Gain access to books from other libraries in the Globe network and across the country.
  2. Access our online library of 70 databases of scholarly and popular resources and over 40,000 e-books that include encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference books.  Many of our e-books and magazines are downloadable in full color digital format to your portable internet device.
  3. Get help with computer hardware and software, online searching and resources and textbook ordering.
  4. Print, copy and scan for free.
  5. Ask the librarian just about anything!

This quarter, make a resolution to use one of these resources. You will find that taking advantage of the advances in technology will make you a better student. The library is a great place to start – and Janet is ready to help you!

“I became a librarian because I knew I’d never know everything, but at least I’d know how to look it up,” she said.  “I’m a compulsive researcher and fact checker!”