Nov 14 – 18 is Winter Awareness Week at Globe University!

Are you ready for winter? We’re participating in Winter Awareness Week during November 14 to 18 in Wisconsin.

The annual campaign, sponsored by Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM), its ReadyWisconsin preparedness program and NOAA’s National Weather Service (NWS), is to remind people to be prepared for winter conditions that could threaten their safety.

Surviving a life threatening event depends greatly upon your mental conditioning and your preparations.  Develop the mindset you will be involved in a life threatening situation.  Plan your responses.  See yourself surviving the event.

Then begin your preparations.  Have you had a chance to view the winter survival kit on display in the Commons?  Have you started to collect items for your kit in your car?  Have you taken a brochure to read?  Please stop by the display, check it out and take a brochure for your reading.

Follow this link to view a video featuring this week’s topic.