Social Media Smarts: Tips to Use LinkedIn to Network, Job Search

Local professionals Matt Knable and Christine Dickert present a workshop on using LinkedIn.

What a better way to start out the week than learning about LinkedIn? Globe University-Appleton welcomed two local professionals to campus to speak in the Career Capstone course on how to get the most out of a LinkedIn account.

Christine Dickert of Stellar Blue Web Design and Matt Knable of Primerica spoke to students and staff about building a LinkedIn profile and using it to network and job search. LinkedIn, a social media networking site for professionals, can help people network with local companies and the professionals that represent those companies.  It can also assist with job searching and allows you to present your online resume to potential employers on your profile.

Dickert gave students pointers on what to include in their LinkedIn profile. “You don’t want to have long paragraphs of text as people may not read it,” Dickert said. “It’s best to use four or five bullet points under each employment entry.”

Other interesting facts you can display about yourself include your volunteer efforts, higher education information, coursework, and skills and expertise. You can also add widgets to your page to display blogging efforts and feeds from other social media sites like Twitter.

If you enter several skills and expertise, professional contacts that are connected with you will be able to “endorse” your skills. “When someone’s looking at your profile and they see endorsements on your skills and expertise, they will see what you’re good at,” Dickert said. “You can ask for endorsements and recommendations; it helps build the credibility of your account and building your professional presence in the community.”

Why should you use LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is the largest professional/business social media networking site with over 65 million users
  • You can join groups and network with like-minded professionals who share your interests
  • Search for jobs (and be recruited for them, too!)
  • Connect with old and new business contacts
  • Share local news and updates on industries you are interested in through your ‘mini-feed’
  • You can build on online portfolio with LinkedIn for free, with the option to buy an upgraded profile.