Telling Her Story: Student Uses the Power of Poetry to Overcome Hardships

Globe University student Ginny Berken poses with a copy of the publication that includes one of her poems.

Ginny Berken grew up living a life that most people only read about on the news. Now, she’s using poetry as an outlet to get through her past that includes sexual molestation from a family member. The massage therapy program student hopes that her recent publication in a Globe University Creative Quill edition will help others that may have experienced a similar situation.

“When I was growing up, I was sexually molested by a family member,” Berken said. “My way of dealing with it involved writing. This particular poem is about a girl’s innocence and that innocence being ripped away from her; it’s about her growing older and longing to feel loved.”

It didn’t take long for Ginny to realize that writing poetry was an outlet for her to confront the issues she was facing on the inside. She had a hard time growing up, but always had a pen and paper to turn to.

“When I wrote the poem years ago, I was at one of my lowest points,” she said.  “When I am down, it just comes out as I’m writing. It’s a great outlet for me to get my feelings on paper.”

She also felt that it was important to submit the poem to the Creative Quill publication to help others that might be facing the same thing. Even though she claims that she isn’t accustomed to the spotlight, she knows that someone just might read her words and be able to relate to what she went through.

“I’ve been writing since I was in 8th grade,” she said. “I don’t keep a lot of it as I see it as more of a therapy. But this one was very important to me.”

The Creative Quill is published by the Globe University network of schools and is distributed to staff, students and faculty. Each publication submitted by students is purposefully selected to be published to showcase the many talents of our students.