The Results Are In: All-Campus Attendance Challenge

Congratulations is in order to all classes who maintained a 95%(+) attendance rate this quarter. Although no classes achieved 100% attendance this quarter, there were still many classes that achieved at least 95% or above. These classes will be treated to a pizza party.

Regular attendance in your classes is important if you want to succeed. You will receive better grades if you are not missing the vital information and presentations you get from your instructors each class period. In turn, if you make it a habit to attend class during its regular scheduled time, you will learn traits like responsibility and committment – this will carry over to your professional life as you enter the workforce.

Congratulations to these classes:

  • AP1 Patient Care Sciences I – 95.87%
  • AP1 Introduction to Veterinary Technology – 99.17%
  • AP6 Biology – 95.18%
  • AP6 Animal Anatomy – 95%
  • AP1 Animal Physiology I – 96.09%
  • AP1 Biology – 95.26%
  • AP1 Advanced Veterinary Clinical Skills – 95%
  • AP1 Body System Anatomy and Physiology – 95.32%
  • AP2 Introduction to Veterinary Clinical Skills – 95.83%
  • AP1 Career Development – 97.24%
  • AP1 Swedish Massage – 95.26%
  • AP1 Radiography II – 99.83%

Great job, students!