What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

holiday traditions

Globe University staff and faculty participate in 'Gift Wrap for Habitat,' a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

Every family has their own special holiday traditions. Through the years, the Globe University-Appleton family has started a few campus holiday traditions of their own.

Each year since our campus’s doors opened, we’ve participated in the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign. Globe University staff, faculty and students have contributed hundreds of toys to the Toys for Tots campaign for three years running.

Another holiday tradition that Globe University staff and faculty have participated in since the campus opened is gift wrapping at the mall for Habitat for Humanity. Campus representatives are always honored to help with this fundraiser. Since its foundation, Greater Fox Cities Area Habitat for Humanity has built over 130 houses in the Fox Cities, providing a new home for almost 500 people in our community. The tradition of helping the fundraising efforts of Habitat for Humanity is something that staff and faculty look forward to each year!

After participating in several holiday traditions on campus, staff and faculty are equally excited to spend some time continuing their traditions at home. Here are just a few of them!

“My late grandmother used homemade cookies as her Christmas gift to friends, family, and neighbors.  Her baking would start the day after Thanksgiving and stop just days before the Christmas.  I remember as a child ‘assisting’ Grandma and eating a ton of her beautiful creations.  As the years went on, I would learn a story about each cookie… who’s favorite it was, who she got the recipe from, why she made extra batches of particular ones…  These stories are now part of me.” – Carol Lee, Massage Therapy Program Chair

“For the past several years, we celebrate the 23rd as the precursor of the BIG ONE on the 25th… It’s my wife’s birthday and we honor it with all the degree and respect she deserves in anticipation of the BIG EVENT on the 25th of December!” – John Garot, adjunct faculty

“Instead of doing a big Christmas meal, we all bring our favorite appetizers. A new tradition that we just started this year was to rent a limo with family and friends and get a Christmas lights tour.” – Becca Lange, Veterinary Technology Program Chair

“Every Christmas Eve my kids get a pair of Christmas themed pajamas from me.  It’s their one gift they get to open.  They sleep in their new pj’s Christmas Eve.  They LOVE it!” – Melissa Chakar, Dean of Faculty

“We open presents in our jammies at our house. We always have a really big breakfast with nearly every fixin’ possible. And, after 12pm just about anything is possible. But, we spend it with family and the ones we hold most dear.” – Kimberly Stevens, Campus Director

ugly sweater party

Staff and faculty show off their ugly holiday sweaters during the holiday party.

“Everyone brings a bag full of candy and other miscellaneous decorations and we spend the afternoon hanging out and making gingerbread houses and celebrating my brother’s birthday. My Fun mom also started a tradition many years ago in which she buys an ornament for us each year so that as we went off on our own we had a bunch of ornaments to decorate our own tree. I have now taken this tradition and applied it to my own family. It’s always fun to find an ornament that sums up the year for each person.” – Melissa Crabb, Director of Financial Aid

“Growing up, my brother and I had to sit with my mom at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning, while my dad would go downstairs to “check to see if Santa came”. I was always so antsy  – and could hear him making a pot of coffee and we were giddy and waiting. Once he determined Santa came, he would ring a bell and we were able to run downstairs. To this day, though we are all grown up, on Christmas morning we stay upstairs until my dad goes down first to ring the bell.” – Gina Havlovick, Admissions Representative

“Ours are mostly Christmas Eve traditions.  They include cocoa in front of the fireplace while we read our favorite Christmas stories and poems, tracking Santa at noradsanta.org, sending someone out to run around in the yard with sleigh bells just after the kids are tucked in bed.  And, of course, we always put out milk and cookies except for one son who always put out healthy snacks like yogurt because he wanted to help Santa lose weight.” – Janet LaPlante, Campus Librarian

“My wife and I travel to my parents for Christmas Eve and then travel to her parents’ on Christmas Day morning. When we leave for her parents’, we blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” and sing it as loud as we can…and always on key.” – Jordan Klein, Director of Admissions

“I am from a big family and tradition with my mom has always been to exchange Christmas stockings together in a room by ourselves before everyone arrives. Because I am now out of town and cannot make it home as much, we are going to do our annual mom and daughter scary movie night the day after Christmas since I will not be home for the New Year.” – Alisa DiSalvo, Business Program Chair

“We eat birthday cake for breakfast on Christmas day. It is so yummy!” – Sharon Fesko, Admissions Representative

What are your holiday traditions?