What to Read This Summer: Librarian Shares Favorite Books

It’s summertime! Do you enjoy curling up on a blanket beneath a large tree with a good book? Then this is for you! Here, one of the newest members of the Appleton campus of Globe University spills her ideas on the best books to read this summer.

summer reading

Librarian Michelle Karbon offers her suggestions for good books to read this summer.

Meet Michelle, our Campus Librarian!

Michelle joins the Globe University-Appleton campus with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from UW-Milwaukee and several years of experience working in libraries. Previously, she worked at the Brown County Central Library in the Circulation Department as a Clerk and Senior Library Assistant. She completed her grad school fieldwork at the Black Creek Village Library and was able to learn all about managing a small library!

When she’s not helping students with all of their library needs at Globe University, Michelle loves to spend time with her family, watch baseball, and of course, read! Here are her picks of the best summer reads in the coming months.

“Inferno” by Dan Brown

This widely anticipated novel is sure to be the talk of the summer! Years in the making, we find ourselves on another adventure with Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. He is mysteriously left in a Florence, Italy hospital with no recollection of why he is there. The short chapters and high speed adventure is sure to keep you occupied while tanning.

“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ok, so maybe I’m biased, but this book is a great short read for anyone who wants to delve back into the classics. Plus, the movie adaptation just came out in theaters so you can say you “read the book first.” Set in Long Island, new home owner Nick Carraway narrates the story by recalling the first meeting with his mysterious neighbor, Jay Gatsby.  Between love affairs, deception, and hard partying, sometimes I had a tough time believing that this book was written in the 1920s!

“Bossypants” by Tina Fey

While this came out a couple of years ago, it’s an awesome quick read for on the beach. This honest biography of one of the funniest women alive is sure to make you laugh! I had the pleasure of listening to the audiobook which Fey reads herself and there are some extras on the audiobook that were quirky and humorous!

“Seriously, I’m Kidding” by Ellen DeGeneres

This memoir is the third by DeGeneres and along the same lines as “Bossypants.” With short chapters of advice, stories, jokes and quirky information, this book is a must read for any Ellen fans. I also listened to the audio version of this book and was humored by DeGeneres as she also narrates her own story, with added features only geared toward the listening audience.

“Notorious Nineteen” by Janet Evanovich

I’m a big Evanovich fan since the beginning and her 19th Stephanie Plum book certainly did not disappoint! However, you don’t have to start from the beginning of the series (although it’s kind of hard not to…) because Evanovich briefly describes each character at the beginning of each book. Stephanie Plum is a button factory worker turned lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter in Trenton, NJ, a job she blackmailed her cousin Vinnie into giving her. Plum is not the best bounty hunter there is, but when paired with her ex-prostitute sidekick, Lula, her on again-off again police officer boyfriend Joe, and her eye candy bounty hunter mentor, Carlos Ranger, this story (and her other 19 books) is hilarious and sure to make you like your own job a little more.