What Type of Personality Do You Have?

Have you ever taken a personality test? Did you even know that there were such things? Some people aren’t even aware that they have a personality “type.” While there’s no shame in that, it still may be very helpful if you found out what type of personality you have. Knowing your personality type can help in many ways:

  • Understand your situations
  • Enjoy your work more by knowing strengths and weaknesses
  • Be more successful
  • Contribute more to your team

personality testA WOW Workshop on Personalities

What is a WOW workshop? WOW stands for “World of Work.” Globe University-Appleton hosted its first WOW Workshop in May. These workshops help students with real-world job and life skills that will prepare them as they enter the workforce.

Judy Rogers, a psychotherapist with more than 20 years’ experience as a counselor, recently visited the Globe University Appleton campus to conduct the first WOW workshop. She spoke to students about personalities—specifically, the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Her presentation revealed real-world situations on bringing balance to life, dealing with conflict and understanding situations of comfort vs. growth.

Here are some ways that Judy uses the MBTI results:

  • Teaching communication skills
  • Team building
  • Marriage counseling
  • Helping people cope with change
  • Group therapy

Globe University, personality typeJudy went on to speak about how different types of personalities are able to successfully work together to achieve a common goal in the workplace. Students were able to see firsthand the differences and challenges that could be brought on by introversion/extroversion, intuition/sensing and thinking/feeling. They were also given the opportunity to see how

Have you ever taken a personality test? How could you use your results to better yourself?