Why Should I Vote? Does it Really Matter?

As a member of society, you have the right to vote and let your opinion be heard. No matter where you are in life, you should realize that our elected officials are making decisions that will effect our futures. If you become educated on these issues, and who supports those that are important to you, you can feel confident in your vote on election day. I hope you have decided that your vote IS important for the upcoming presidential election.

Globe University Appleton Campus Director Kimberly Stevens knows the importance of each vote. “The truth is that every vote and voice matters in this election,” Stevens said.  “It’s pretty simple—if we want our voice to be heard, we need to make sure that those who support and believe in American enterprise and economic freedom vote in this critical election.”

If you are a student, there are many issues that you may be concerned with. Some of these might be student loans, finances, taxes or transportation. If you’re a parent, perhaps the issues of education and daycare concern you. Are you out of work? You might be very concerned about who is doing the most to help the unemployed.

Globe University Appleton Dean of Faculty Melissa Chakar adds that politicians won’t address student issues without student votes. “All politicians are aware of who votes,” Chakar said. “If students are not voting, their issues are less likely to be addressed. If the students have a strong showing at the polls, they will see their issues, such as financial aid, become ‘hot topics,’ as well.”

One of the main reasons that people don’t vote is that they are unaware of where they need to go to vote, or if they are even registered to do so. To find out the answers to these questions, you can visit the My Vote Wisconsin website. There, you can find out if you are registered as well as the polling location where you will vote on election day. If you do not have internet access, you can visit or call your municipal clerk’s office directly.

You’re not registered to vote yet? No problem! Wisconsin voters have been able to register at the polling location since 1976. Just be sure to bring a proof of residence document. This document could be a utility bill, drivers license or a state ID with your current address, among others. For a full list of acceptable documents, visit the Government Accountability Board website.