You Can Give Back to Your Community – Just by Gardening!

Are you a gardener? Are you a gardener that wants to give back to your community? What a great combination! A good way to get started is partnering with the local Community Garden Partnership! Students at Globe University-Appleton  were proud to work with two local market gardening businesses to learn more about the Community Garden Partnership and how these collaborations can help our community.

Globe University-Appleton

Through local gardening partnerships, students learn about the importance of having access to fresh food and the impact of issues related to food security–local and nationwide.

Students in the Global Citizenship class had the opportunity to work with Good Grief Market Garden, and Sun Brothers Naturals, LLC, at the Brewster Market Garden location, supported by the Community Garden Partnership. The Community Garden Partnership provides opportunities for diverse groups to share their experiences and knowledge with other gardeners at a variety of community locations while promoting such things as self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship, creation of healthy civic space, and donations to food banks. There are more than 15 community gardening sites in the Fox Cities!

Globe University-AppletonThe businesses educated our students about gardening and how partnerships can help the local economy. Students also put on their gardening gloves and went to work on some projects—creating main walking paths and paths between plots using mulch, planting sweet potatoes, pulling weeds and roots from last year’s harvest, and other activities related to preparing the site for the new growing season.

Globe University-AppletonGlobe University-Appleton Service Learning Coordinator Amanda Loewen coordinated the project and was excited to see the students making a difference both in and out of the classroom.

“Students learn the value of supporting a community organization, and engaging in an activity that supports positive citizenship,” Amanda said. “This provides an opportunity for students to learn the importance of teamwork and getting to know one another in a setting outside of the classroom.”