12 Digital Marketing Jobs You Need to Know About

Online shopping, internet marketingThe internet has transformed the way businesses market themselves and their products. More than half of consumers, including me, now shop online at least once a month. How many of you have researched or bought an item online? Cyber Monday has overtaken Black Friday for the top shopping day and showrooming has become recognized as a trend.

Marketing departments have responded to these changes by creating jobs and job titles to meet the online marketing needs of their organizations. If you’re considering a career in marketing, here are some of the digital marketing jobs employers are hiring for:

1.  Web Content Editor

Just what the title says, web content editors will write and edit copy for the web. It may be websites, emails, blogs, corporate intranets or social media. Copy can range from less than 140 characters to several pages. Editors may work with web designers and SEO managers to research keywords and optimize the consumer experience.

2.  Web Content Manager

Web content managers work with writers, editors, web designers and web developers to make sure that the content on the website meets the needs of the business and the website users. They oversee the writing, editing, placement and updating of the content on websites.

3.  Digital Marketing Manager

This marketing manager is responsible for all of the electronic advertising for an organization. This may include TV, radio and internet advertising. They will target the advertising goals for a business and then devise a plan for meeting them.

4.  Digital Strategist

A digital strategist will tie all of the advertising for an organization together. This could include web, social, search, mobile and traditional advertising. They depend on consumer insights and data to make their decisions and measure outcomes. This is a vital role for brands with multi-channel marketing.

5.  e-commerce Manager

This manager provides information on e-commerce to the top management of an organization. They will set e-commerce goals and design the strategy to meet them.

6.  Information Architect/User Interface Designer

An information architect lays out the structure for a website. Working with graphic designers and project managers, they arrange the information on a website so that both search engines and website users have the best experience.

7.  SEO Specialist

SEO specialists focus on raising the search engine rankings of websites by using keywords, linking strategies and optimizing structure and copy. Search engines change their processes regularly and SEO specialists try to stay ahead of the curve.

8.  Social Media Strategistdigital marketing, social mediat strategy

This position involves developing and maintaining the social media strategy for an organization. The goal will be to increase visibility and traffic for a brand or product. As social media platforms continue to grow and evolve, social media strategists make adjustments to promote their brand. The social media strategist should also be involved with setting social media standards and rules of engagement for an organization.

9.  Email Marketing Manager

Email marketing managers plan and implement email marketing programs. They will work with writers and designers to design campaigns to increase customer acquisition and conversion rates. Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns is important to prove ROI in this position.

10. Online Marketing Manager

This manager implements and measures the impact of online marketing campaigns. Strategies may include email, website, online advertising and search engine marketing. Writers, editors, developers and designers will be involved to build campaigns.

11. Online/Interactive Media Planner

This position is a media buyer who focuses in online media including websites, portals and e-newsletters. They will use methods such as paid search, pop-ups and banner ads.

12. Search Engine Marketer (SEM)

Search engine marketers work on paid search campaigns through search engines such as Google and Bing. They will formulate keyword and bidding strategies and measure click-through and conversion rates.

Websites and e-commerce continue to evolve to show up in search and draw shoppers. This is big business and companies are paying attention to these changes. Digital marketing careers are on the rise and are an essential part of a marketing team. If you’re interested in a career in internet marketing, check out this post on the skills employers are looking for.