2 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Have you ever wondered how to motivate your employees? What does it take to make everyone feel part of the team? Everyone likes to be appreciated and recognized for their work. As managers of any company it is vital to empower employees, which ultimately help any company grow and succeed.

Tom & Scott

(Left to right) Tom Stoltz, faculty of the year, along with Scott Ault, staff person of the year

One of the best ways to empower employees is through awards. Recently at Globe University-Minneapolis we recognized two employees for their commitment of excellence to our students and campus.

Jim Decker, campus director, said, “Our award winners represent what we do each day at Globe—putting students first through professionalism, empathy and a can-do attitude. We are lucky to have them on campus.”

Time to meet our winners! I wanted to know a little more about how our winners were chosen and what it takes to win this award (everyone take note so you can win the award next year).

Tom Stoltz, business program chair – Faculty of the Year

1. What goes into winning your award?

Being kind and attentive to students, staff, faculty and admissions.

2. What do you love most about working at Globe University–Minneapolis?

I love working downtown amid all of the businesses and organizations. I also love our students and being able to help them aspire to success.

3. What are some steps that other employees can take to win this award? 

Get involved in all aspects of the campus and work very hard.

Scott Ault, admissions representative – Employee of the Year:

1. What goes into winning your award?

I was voted by peers. The award exemplifies great customer service through helping all staff and faculty.

2. What do you love most about working at Globe University – Minneapolis?

Interacting everyday with students that want to change their lives.


The second great way to motivate your employees every day is through hand written thank you notes. There is something very powerful about a hand written thank you note that an employee finds on their desk thanking them for something positive they did. In our world of emails and social media, a hand written thank you stands out—it says, “Wow, my manager really stopped and took the time to write this.”

Congratulations, Tom and Scott, for your awards! I think we all have some empowering to do…time to write some thank you cards!