34-Hour Commute for an MBA: Would You Do It?

Most of us hate the idea of any type of commute for work or school.  It’s maddening sitting behind the wheel or on a bus starring at red brake lights, waiting, sometimes hours, to get home.

Think of your own commute for a moment.  Ask yourself the question, “Would I drive 34 hours round trip each week to get your MBA or go to a job?” 

This is exactly what Dilip Saddi is doing while he is enrolled in the MBA program here at Globe University in downtown Minneapolis.
MBA program


Dilip is originally from Hyderabad, India, and originally moved to the United States to work for Century Link in Denver, Colo. He then moved to Detroit, Mich., and is working for Compuware as a web developer.  Dilip already has one master’s degree, and he wanted another one.


He chose to come to Globe University in Minneapolis because our campus allows Dilip to work full time and attend school to achieve his MBA.  He also mentioned that the instructors and staff on this campus were so helpful in helping him achieve his goals and dreams.  He specifically mentioned how helpful and grateful Dr. Andrea Olson has been, who is our graduate program chair.


Once a week, Dilip boards a bus in Detroit and he travels 17 hours to Minneapolis.  Once he is in Minneapolis he comes right to the Globe University campus for his evening class that ends at 8:30PM.  Immediately after his evening class, he boards the bus and travels for another 17 hours back to Detroit. Once he is back in Detroit he goes back to his full time career and does it all over in another week.

The next time you feel led to complain about your commute or how hard it might be to obtain your degree, think of Dilip and let his journey be an inspiration to all of us that no matter the distance, we can make it and succeed!


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