Top 5 Skills for a Career in Digital Marketing

digital marketing, internet marketingDigital marketing is an essential part of many organizations’ marketing plans. Internet ad revenues are greater than those of broadcast TV and more than half of U.S. consumers shop online at least once a month. How often do you research and compare items online before buying? Internet marketing is a growing career field.

Companies are tracking customer behavior and need candidates with digital marketing skills to round out their marketing teams. Fortunately for those looking for a job, employers are finding a skills gap in internet marketing. If you are looking for a job in this field, here are some of the top skills that employers are looking for:

1. Analytics

Analytics is measurement. Employers and marketers want to see what works. Whether it’s blogging, email campaigns, website conversions or likes, results matter. You need to test strategy and measure the results to find what is working and find ways to improve.

There is no shortage of data available. Google Analytics knowledge is a standard. There are several other analytical tools available. The goal is to know what to measure and how best to measure performance to prove ROI. Take a class in web analytics to round out your resume.

2. Mobile

Are you reading this on your phone? Most of us do. There are more mobile devices than there are people on the planet right now. And most of them are surfing the net. The growth of mobile has dwarfed all other competition.

Adapting to mobile requires responsive design for your content so it can be read no matter the size of the screen. It also means your copy needs to be concise and your calls to action easy to complete. Knowledge and job experience in design and in mobile user experience are lagging behind demand.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing requires writing skills. Different channels require different types of writing ranging from less than 140 characters to blog posts, e-books and infographics. Content marketing also includes awareness of buyer personas as well as keyword research and SEO.

Creating content also involves ideation, planning, editing and scheduling as well as curation and repurposing content. There is almost as much reading as writing. An internet marketing program can provide knowledge and experience in these areas.

4. Social Media

You can design, build, write and launch it, but if no one sees it, it’s a fail. Social media helps to build a following for your brand. Building relationships online is the goal. Engagement is the buzzword for social. It requires listening to your followers, sharing your story and responding to questions and comments.

There are too many social media platforms to list. As a social media marketer, you need to determine which ones your audience uses and then build your profiles and followings.

Internet marketing

5. Email

We are all familiar with email, maybe drowning in it, but successful email marketing requires several diverse skills. An email marketing strategy is often overlooked as a key component to success. Once a strategy is in place, a software application to manage the email campaigns needs to be chosen.

IT and data management skills are needed as well as copywriting and design to get the project started. Project management, testing and data analysis are necessary for implementation and measurement. Then you can move on to improvement and more campaigns.

Digital marketing is growing and companies are looking for qualified candidates. The existing skills gap between what employers want and the employees they are finding leaves an opportunity for those interested in this dynamic career field. Internet marketing is a field of constant change and continued learning, check out our program today.