A Nontraditional College Student’s Secret to Success

This single mom went back to school and found help for success in many places…

Lisa Paulson knows how to be successful

Lisa Paulson of Globe University-La Crosse offers students and graduates a lot of tips for seeking employment—it’s her job! Paulson works with Carolyn Moe in the Globe-La Crosse career services office. But not long ago she was a student looking for help herself. What tips for success worked for her? The same one she shares with students: ask for help.

Getting Past Her Fears

Driven to create a better life for herself, and more importantly, her daughters, Paulson began her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at Globe University-La Crosse. As a nontraditional business management degree student, Paulson had fears, but she found ways to grow.

“I had two main challenges as a non-traditional student. First, how was I going to keep up with readings, homework, studying and computers,” shared Paulson. “I had been using computers for entertainment and knew how to type up a document in Word, but I was terrified about being able to keep up.”

Paulson’s second fear focused on her concern for managing her new responsibilities as a college student. “I was a single mom, and I didn’t know how I was going to juggle the kids, work and being a full-time student at the same time.”

Lisa and her daughters volunteering at the Living Green Expo.

Secret To Success: Ask for Help

Paulson knew that she couldn’t tackle her education, and be successful, if she went at the journey alone. So, she didn’t. A difficult step for nontraditional students like Lisa—many are reluctant to ask for help. But it’s ok! Globe faculty and staff are happy to help, and Lisa is also fortunate to have friends and family to help her along the way as well.

“I asked everyone and anyone for help, “said Paulson. “I asked friends and family to help with getting my kids to their activities and watching them if I was in class or working.” In addition to a supportive network outside of college, Paulson found assistance at Globe.

“On campus I found support in the Learning Curve and had some tutoring in accounting,” shared Paulson. “My instructors, both on campus and online, were always there to answer questions and assist me with anything, and the education department was a great resource when I had questions about residential or online classes.”

Along with the supportive Globe staff and faculty, Paulson was able to reach out to new friends. “I found support from other students, who I am still friends with today,” she explained. “We supported each other to get through the tough classes and personal problems.”

Being very active in campus groups, class projects, and volunteering, Paulson was able to connect with other students experiencing many of the same things she was, and they all supported each other.  “We all need those cheerleaders to keep us going sometimes!”

Lisa Paulson and Carolyn Moe, the Globe University-La Crosse Career Services Team!

Hard Work (with help) Pays Off

Paulson graduated in 2012 with a business management bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in human resources and marketing, but she didn’t leave for long. She was hired right away to join the Globe Career Services team and help other students achieve their goals.

“I have been more than happy that Lisa joined the Career Service team!  She brings a great student perspective from being a Globe University alumni,” exclaimed Carolyn Moe, director of career services.  “She is always coming up with fun and creative activities that keep the student in mind.”

Campus Director Stephanie Donovan knows the positive impact Paulson has on students as a successful Globe alum. “Lisa is a great example of a dedicated student that worked hard, always was committed to her studies, and is now is using her degree here at Globe-La Crosse,” shared Donovan. “Lisa has been an exceptional addition to the career services team and is now able to help students find their ideal career path after graduation.”