Benefits of a Project Management Certificate

PM Blog_BenefitsProject management has become a necessary skill in business, information technology (IT) and healthcare management. A project management (PM) certificate program that will teach you the knowledge and processes of project management and allow you to lead projects successfully and with confidence.

“Business professionals are now routinely asked to participate in and lead projects in their jobs,” said Richard Grieman, Minnesota School of Business-Richfield (MSB-Richfield) IT program chair. “The ability to plan, lead and manage projects isn’t a skill for which many business, health care and IT professionals have been trained.”

The project management certificate is designed to be a complete but practical program that allows you to put your education to work immediately. It contains enough theory and rigor to allow you to understand and prepare for taking the Project Management Institutes (PMI) Certified Project Associate Management (CPAM) certification, Richard said.

The Project Management Certificate is built around an easily accessible set of courses that will familiarize you with all facets of project management in as little as nine months with full-time study.

Unlike many PM programs, the requirements to enter make the program available and quickly acquirable for most professionals. An associate degree and one year of professional experience are all that is required to enter the program.

About the Project Management Certificate:

  • Learn the tools and techniques of the PMI body of knowledge
  • Understand and execute organizational and business analysis skills that are needed to lead projects in a variety of organizations.
  • Network with people in the industry and connect with local employers
  • Hands-on training that’s better for your comprehension and retention
  • Small class sizes permit you to receive the attention you’ll need to succeed
  • Gain valuable skills in managing risk, demonstrating leadership and communication skills

“The marketplace in the U.S. is demanding project management professionals (PMP, or project management certification,” said Steve DelGrosso directs IBM’s Project Management Center of Excellence and the IBM Global Business Services’ Project Management Competency. “If you can’t present a certified project manager on their deal, they won’t consider you.”

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