Blue Jeans: Durable or Non-Durable Goods?

Written by Angela Livingston, Globe University-Sioux Falls business program chair

We are always having fun in the business program at Globe University in Sioux Falls! The Operations Management students played a game to challenge their thinking on durable and non-durable goods. 

The students were shown a picture and had to answer whether they believed the item pictured was a durable or non-durable good. If they answered correctly, they advanced to the next round. If they were incorrect, they had to sit down and were eliminated from the game. 

The one question that made almost every student sit down was whether blue jeans were durable or non-durable goods. What do you think?

Within the business program at Globe University students are challenged in their thinking in order to grasp concepts that businesses need in employees. Having hands on actives and games allows students to be creative and learn how to think outside of the box while having fun. Check us out!

Globe University business students from left= Alvaro Simon-Juan, Andrew Lyngen, Zaide Gray, Bailey Hagedorn, Farzad Aman, Eric Tunge, Cody Glaser, Bill Gregory, and WanYee Sze