Business Administration or Business Management?

What's the difference? Business administration or business management?

That is the question! As a student, how do you choose between these programs? There are clear differences between a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Business Management.

Understanding these differences will help you make the right decision for you and your future career.

Business Administration Degree

Business administration is the most commonly recognized title for a business degree. It is a broad business degree and is general in scope. Students in business administration experience a large range of topics and get a general introduction to many areas within business. A Bachelor’s in Business Administration is part of a series of building blocks starting with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration and continuing on to a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and potentially on to a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

Business administration gives students the chance to explore a wide range of business topics and then expand on those that interest them. Business, finance, marketing and human resource management are topics touched on in business administration.  The program gives students a taste of many topics and then allows a variety of choices in elective courses to round out their business education.

Business Management Degree

A Bachelor’s in Business Management degree program typically allows students to gain a foundation of knowledge of business and then choose to focus in a specific area. Business management has specific emphases in agricultural business, finance, hospitality management, human resource management, or marketing. Approximately 40 percent of business management core program credits are dedicated to one of these areas of emphases.

The business management emphases are designed to provide students with the skills for specific industries or job areas within the scope of business. Students can specialize in these areas of their interest and the courses are built specifically to enhance placement in those career fields. Students have fewer choices in elective courses in the business management program because of this specialization. A Bachelor’s in Business Management can be expanded into the Master’s of Science in Management degree program.

So, which is better, business administration or business management? Only you can answer that question. Both business administration and business management are quality programs that can lead to successful careers.

Students who know they want to focus in an area of emphases should choose business management. Those who are not sure of their specific interests in business, can choose business administration.