Business Chair Shares Black Friday Expertise on TV

Our very own Business Program Chair, Tom Hakko, shared his expertise on Black Friday on the television show, My29’s On the Fly, a local entertainment show that focuses on pop culture, Hollywood news and hot regional events.

According to Hakko, the deals on Black Friday are not the best deals. Black Friday deals are much more of an illusion. He refers to US News and World Report article that found up to 50 percent of rebates are not mailed in, and rebates are one of the best ways to save money.

He concluded the interview by telling consumers to pay attention when they are shopping. The store experience is only half the experience of saving money.

“Do the rebates, finish up when you go home. There are deals out there on Black Friday, but you have to be selective,” said Hakko.

On his television experience:

“My experience with television was wonderful, it was fun and exciting. The My 29’s On The Fly show was looking for a subject matter expert and I was asked to be the expert.”

“The show hosts Kelsey Soby and Tony Fly were incredible. They took time to explain what to do, what camera to look at and how long to make my answers. They really made the experience lots of fun. They were very relaxed and professional and make a very welcoming experience.”

Professional Background:

Hakko has his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with an extensive background in sales, advertising and business. He has worked in upper management positions for organizations as large as 2,200 as well as small business groups for over two decades.

“Tom is a motivated professional who is always thinking outside the box in order to teach his students in the most effective way possible,” said Denise Radcliffe, dean of faculty at Globe University-Woodbury. “This interview is a prime example of Tom’s knowledge in diverse aspects of business.”

Hakko has been involved in higher education since 2002. He has instructed undergraduate as well as graduate level business students.