Business Management Student Scott Miller is Mr. “Can”-struction

Written by Rick Mason, business program chair at Globe University-Madison West

Once again it was time for business management student Scott Miller and the Globe Business and Accounting organization (GBA) to whip up another creative entry into the fourth annual Canstruction Madison competition sponsored by the Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM). And, once again, they came through.

business management

Scott Miller (right) poses with his latest trophy win along with his son, Josh.

This year’s entry, which carried an Olympic and “Knocking Out Hunger” theme, won the Judge’s Choice award. With it came another impressive trophy and considerable accolades from MOMs for yet another outstanding contribution to their organization.

When all was said and done, Globe University-Madison West and its student business organization had been responsible for the donation of well over 5,000 cans of food to MOMs food pantry. Putting a conservative value of $1 per can, that is over $5,000 donated to MOMs this year. This was the fourth year that Scott has coordinated this event for Globe, and it has been responsible for over $15,000 of food donations to the people of Dane County.

The amount of time and effort that Scott puts into this event is incredible. His selfless commitment to making this work and being successful is second to none. He leads the effort to come up with a plan. He makes sure that it is engineered to perfection. He single-handedly works with various food distributors to arrange for the procurement of food items. He coordinates the “mock” build of the display at the Globe campus. He loads up and transports the food from Globe to the facility that hosts the event . He then leads the “actual” build at the event. Finally, he helps tear down the display and ensures that the food gets to MOMs.

Scott has been an amazing representative of Globe University-Madison West and its commitment to community service. He is the first to volunteer for activities and is also the person who is “all in” and leads by example. He is a tireless advocate for the less fortunate in Dane County and has led several other efforts on Globe’s behalf.

Canstruction Madison

Scott couldn’t have done it without a team! Students, alumni and staff all helped build this year.

Scott will be the first to tell you that winning an award at these events is great, but that it is secondary to the satisfaction of helping others in need. Globe University and its business program have been very fortunate to have had Scott as a student. He has set the bar very high for how our students should conduct themselves and give to our communities.

If you see Scott, please take time to congratulate him for what he does and how he does it. There is an old saying that says, “those who think that something can’t be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it”. With that said, either get on Scott’s team or get out of the way.

Great work, Scott! Globe appreciates you.