Capturing Creativity in the Library: Business Administration Student and Artist Jenna Perl

Written by Campus Librarian Dana Wallace

This quarter’s Artist in the Library is amazing student artist Jenna Perl, who is earning a business administration degree. Jenna’s unique artwork ranges from photography to oil paintings and newspaper collages. A positive personality on campus, Jenna is always eager to say yes and volunteer for campus events.

For example, she has donated her artwork for a raffle drawing to be held during Globe La Crosse’s five year anniversary. Her energy and happiness shine through in her art, and we are honored to showcase it in the library this quarter.

Jenna poses with her art

Jenna said she has been creating art ever since she was little. “My parents would always encourage me as I grew up to keep pursuing art,” and Jenna has kept on, developing into a highly-talented artist.

“Once high school came around, I was able to experiment more with different mediums and grew in my knowledge of art. I found that I really like abstract, shading and detailed realistic work,” she said.

Embracing her creativity has been a key for Jenna’s artwork. “My parents always joked that artistic talent flows through my veins,” she laughed, “and maybe that’s it, but personally, I love the concept that I have the opportunity to create something that could have an impact on someone else, even if it’s just something simple.”

Though art has always been a vital part of her life, Jenna also recognized the value of an education.

“Before I was a student at Globe, I always heard it was an awesome school; that the teachers care for the students and will do anything to help you get where you need to be,” Jenna said. “I knew that’s a school I wanted to attend!”

Jenna is studying business administration, which she applies in her current life and will contribute to her future career. “Everything I have learned so far has helped me immensely,” Jenna noted.

“Whether it is working with others or just doing bills, I can usually pull something from my education that will aid me in a positive way.”

A collage by Jenna Perl

While Jenna isn’t quite sure where her degree will take her, she acknowledges that her education will help her get there.

“What I’m learning at Globe will help me with whatever I choose to do; whether I build an art studio, write a book or something else, I know it will come in handy,” she said.

The subjects and media of Jenna’s artwork cover a wide range, along with her inspirations. Jenna cites her faith, coffee, art, driving, music, family and friends as motivators for her positive outlook and beautiful pieces.

In her photography, Jenna enjoys capturing couples. “I love photographing couples, it’s my favorite. They are just so natural and calm around each other, which makes for a fun, relaxed photo session,” she said.

Photography and drawing make up the bulk of her pieces that are displayed in the library.

“For painting and drawing, it [her style] varies,” she said. “Sometimes I do realistic pieces when I feel like being detailed, other times I do abstract when I don’t feel like being detailed or don’t even know how I feel.” Jenna occasionally works in collage as well.

Stop by the library this quarter to enjoy the colorful impact on our walls, and you might catch a smiling and happy Jenna doing her homework on a library computer. She is always happy to answer your questions about her art or talk about her plans for the future.

In ten years she hopes to be “serving Jesus, maybe traveling, helping others and living life as full as I can!” We know Jenna won’t let any moss grow under her feet!

If you’d like to share your art in the library, please contact Campus Librarian, Dana Wallace.