Dedicating a Decade to Helping Students

At Globe University, college admissions is more than filling out forms and writing checks. It is the first part of an exciting journey. The job of an admissions representative is to guide students and help them enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Susan Thielen, adult admissions representative, celebrates her 10 year anniversary serving students at the Globe University-Woodbury campus

Susan Thielen has dedicated the past 10 years as an admissions representative at the Globe University-Woodbury campus helping numerous students find their path to their future career fields.

“There is nothing more rewarding then helping a student find a program that will help them meet their career goals and then watching them walk across that stage at graduation,” Thielen said. “I feel honored to have worked with the students I have and look forward to helping more students find their dream careers.”

According to Victoria Lind, medical assistant student, she wouldn’t have enrolled at Globe University if it weren’t for Susan. She had high hopes in going back to school, but unfortunately they were “shot down.”

“I had many emotions and didn’t want to face them. If Susan wouldn’t have called so many times and kept the thought of school in my mind, I wouldn’t be here right now,” said Lind. “I am showing the person that shot my dreams down that I can do this without their help. Big hugs to you Susan, and thank you for the push to get over that tough hurdle. I needed that.”

Amy Thorne, business administration student, commented that Susan helped her start her path while encouraging her that she could reach her goals and was right there at the end of her journey to congratulate her.

Full-time working single mom Michelle Jackson, health care management student, thought there was no way she could add full-time student to her busy schedule, but thanks to the encouragement from Susan she decided to return to school in the fall of 2013.

“Susan was like my personal cheerleader and told me I could do this,” said Jackson. “Here I am just finishing my second quarter and honestly couldn’t thank her enough for her words of encouragement.”

According to Jacquelynn Colling, business management student, Susan is “awesome” and knows everyone by name and remembers specific personal information, which shows that she really cares about her students’ well-being.

Deana Taylor, medical assistant student said that she truly believes Susan is the reason she decided to go to Globe. “She is always so happy, and you can tell she truly loves Globe, and when I first met her, I could see that in her.”

Not only do the students mentioned above see the passion Susan has illustrated throughout her decade dedicated to helping students, but the Globe University-Woodbury staff and faculty expressed through the video above how valued she is.

Congratulations Susan on your 10 year anniversary at Globe University! We look forward to many more years of you helping students follow their dreams.