Endless Opportunities: Globe University’s iPad® Initiative Ignites Faculty

Technology based learning is a strong element of Globe University’s latest initiative called education user experience. Recently, Globe University-Madison West instructors, with their brand new iPad® in hand, traveled to Wausau, Wis., to participate in an in-service training. Though they all learned the basics of using an iPad, they left with endless ideas and opportunities.

Erica Healey, instructor in the business administration program, volunteered to share her thoughts. Because Erica stands out for her technological skills and willingness to go the extra mile to help other faculty and students embrace technology in the classroom, we wanted to tap her brain to see what she thinks of her new iPad.

What are you most excited about using the iPad in your classroom? “I’m excited about the new opportunities the iPad will offer for my classroom, especially the different applications available. Given my law background and the Socratic Method is used in the classroom, there is this cool little app called ‘Socrative’ in which I can have students answer questions during class. It’s a quiz application where I can survey my students and see results of their learning immediately. Say, if 94 percent of the students got the question right, I can move onto the next subject because I know the students understand what I’m saying. I think that will be great because it will help students in classroom who are not as outgoing and ready to share their thoughts with the rest of the classroom.  It is going to help them participate in the learning experience in ways that classroom participation would not be there bailiwick.”

How familiar were you with the iPad before this training? “I have a cell phone that I’ve had for six or seven years and it has the function of calling people, so my familiarly with i-anything was pretty much around zero. I knew what they did, but the closest I’ve come to one is to play with a friends’, so I was super excited to be getting one.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to relate in my classroom except using it as an e-reader, but now that I’ve seen some of the functionality of it, I’ve started using it in my classrooms already.”

How are you using the iPad in your classroom now? “In Career Capstone, I’m video tapping students’ mock interviews. I’m then able to replay them back to the class and ask, ‘What do you guys think? What do you think they did well?’ and get real-time feedback and questions. Students are also able to see their facial expressions, which otherwise they had no idea they were doing during their interview that may cause the employer to raise an eyebrow. This interaction is immediate. I was also able to go out to experts in the field, automatically video record their answer, and bring it back into the classroom to view. In my Introduction to Business Class and Supervisory Management class, the experts were able to give their spiel on what their answer was and I just replayed for the class so they got an expert opinion in class without the expert having to be there at the exact same time. Although it’s a small function of the iPad, taking videos, I’m using it so far and it’s pretty cool.”

Do you have any other reflections on the iPad initiative? “I think I get more excited every time I take training or talk to other teachers about an app we are using, so I think the ‘appy hours’ are going to be incredibly useful in the future, because it will only expand our knowledge of what the iPad can do. For any piece of technology, you don’t want to be the person in the room who spent a thousand bucks and only used it for five percent of what it’s worth. What that means is you’ve only gotten $50 out of it and it’s not worth it to the company. You want to be the person who uses it 110 percent, who knows it in and out and can impress people with their knowledge.

“One thing I mentioned to my Career Capstone students is their book mentions you could use photographs in an interview. I sat and thought what could you possibly share in an interview? Then I shared with my students my idea. Say I was interviewing for an instructor position. When they ask me about my methodologies, I could whip out my iPad and say ‘Here’s how I had my students get out of the classroom and into the library to conduct research. I recorded the process of the assignment as well as the librarian’s feedback for the students.’  The iPad can facilitate that perfectly and students can do the same when they go on interviews.”

Final Thoughts? “I think going forward, students should be really excited about what instructors are going to be able to do because Globe is really pushing the fact that they want their instructors to be using the iPad 100 percent and using many different capabilities. So I would be excited.”

Is having an iPad in your classroom something to be excited about? We think so and in the coming months we will continue to share stories of how our faculty and students utilize the iPad to make their time at Globe University an Education User Experience.