From Gangs to Graduation

Business Administration Degree
College graduation is a special event – it’s a celebration of accomplishment that comes with a lot of hard work and commitment. Globe University-Minneapolis celebrated the Fall 2012 Graduation last Friday on the exquisite 50th Floor of the IDS Tower in downtown Minneapolis.

Each graduate had a smile on their face and was full of pride for the exciting future that each of them will encounter.

There was one graduate, however, that represents courage and dedication that really stood out.  Her name is Wendy Earth and she graduated with a business administration degree  from Globe University in Minneapolis.

When I sat down with Wendy I had no idea what I was in store for.  I had my pen and paper and was ready to listen to her story, but what turned into an interview soon turned into tears.

Prior to coming to Globe University, Wendy’s life had been full of despair and challenges.  She grew up on a reservation in Central Minnesota called Mille Lacs.  She grew up facing many challenges such as abuse, poverty and gangs. This sent her on a journey in life looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

Wendy was searching in life for someone or something to love her for everything she was and wasn’t.  She was looking for acceptance and found it in gangs, which led her down a path in life that would ultimately try to destroy her.

Wendy began to accept that there was no future for her and that the pain from her childhood would just be a way of life.  She always wanted to get a college degree but she felt that she wasn’t smart enough or had the resources to even go to college. 

A few years ago Wendy saw a television ad for Globe University.  Something inside of her told her to pick up the phone and call.  So, she called and from that point forward her life changed.  It was not without challenges, but she had the courage to face her darkest fears and follow her dreams for a better future.
Business Administration Degree
Nearly three years ago Wendy enrolled at Globe University Minneapolis.  She was scared and also excited to turn her life around.  When Wendy first started attending Globe she got pregnant which was exciting but also added a lot of stress to her workload.  She was tempted to drop out; however, she kept the courage and continued on after giving birth to her son who is now 2 ½ years old.  Wendy says, “My son is my angel!” 

After experiencing many challenges, she faced another blow just before graduation.  Wendy was expecting another baby; however, just before completing her degree she lost the baby – she was devastated.  Wendy was blaming herself for working too hard and felt like she was responsible for the death of her baby.  She is learning that she does not have to take on this guilt or shame – she has a lot to be proud of.  She is the mother of a beautiful son and Wendy is also engaged to her long-time fiance. 

Wendy credits all the support of her professors at Globe University-Minneapolis for helping her through.  Michelle Block, service learning coordinator, said, “Wendy worked so hard despite her challenges and she was a great student!” 

Wendy has faced so much in her life but one of her turning points was coming to Globe University-Minneapolis.  She would like to return to the reservation where she was raised and encourage other girls and women.  Wendy is an inspiration to everyone!  Wendy shows us that when we face our fear and our past we can rise above it and conquer the world. 

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