Globe University-Sioux Falls Goes Purple

Being a military-friendly campus goes well beyond providing services and benefits to military students. The Globe University-Sioux Falls campus recently supported “Purple Up Day” to benefit the children of military families. South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has declared April the Month of the Military Child in support of the nearly 7,400 children that are part of a military family in the state. A number of these children have parents that are enrolled at the Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus. Fifteen percent of the student population at the campus are either active duty, a veteran or a dependent of a military student, with the most popular programs among service members and their families being business administration, criminal justice and veterinary technology.

Books collected by Globe University-Sioux Falls campus

When a service member is deployed, not only are they making a sacrifice by putting their life on hold to serve and protect our country, but their family also makes sacrifices. This month is dedicated to the children that are affected by the duties their parents have for our country and the struggles they are faced with while their loved ones are away.

Globe University understands the commitments made by service members not only for our country, but also as students. A successful student has a support system that extends beyond the campus to their families and friends. Any support the campus can provide to the families of the students helps improve their chances of success on their educational journeys.

The Sioux Falls campus’s “Purple Up Day” included staff and students showing support by wearing purple as well as a book drive. The staff and students came together and collected over 120 books that will be donated to the South Dakota chapter of Operation Military Kids. The organization will use the books as part of a “Welcome Home” basket that will be put together for the families of the 1742nd National Guard Unit as they return home from a deployment that left shortly before Christmas.

The Globe University-Sioux Falls Campus proudly supports our military students and is looking forward to a month of showing this support coming ahead. May is National Military Appreciation Month and there are multiple days to show our support such as Military Spouse Day on May 9th, Armed Forces Day on May 17th, Maritime Day on May 22nd and Memorial Day on May 26th. The campus will have a Memorial Rock table where people can remember veterans by leaving messages on rocks. This event will run the month of May in the student commons.

Written by Campus Director Aimee Miritello