Globe University Student Goes from Saving Lives to Creating Lives

As he was putting tables together to get ready for a surgical unit to move into the dangerous area of Sadr City, Baghdad; Globe University-Moorhead student, Andrew Thorson, noticed a puff of sand smoke near him. Seconds later, the rocks cracked on the rock wall behind him. Both were signals he was being shot at from a long distance rifle. Calmly, Andrew grabbed his tools and supplies and moved behind the rock wall. Knowing the enemy is a bad shot from a distance, Andrew reasoned that there was little to fear. Training taught him that with the lack of education, most snipers don’t know the trigonometry involved in shooting at a long distance. Hence the reason suicide bombs are used so often.

business administration degree

Globe University business administration student, Andrew Thorson

Andrew was a Sergeant in the National Guard for eight years. For ten months, he served our country in Iraq. He led troops ahead of the front line to secure areas for the infantry to move in and occupy areas. Andrew led his squad to building 12 foot concrete walls around a perimeter of an area, and then built a six foot chain link fence on top of the wall. The chain link fence was covered with a translucent screen that our soldiers could see out of but the enemy could not see into the secured area. The squad then set up whatever else was needed to operate a base for other troops coming into the area.

Following his tour of duty, Andrew returned to Minnesota. He also married the love of his life. He had heard about Globe University-Moorhead through a friend of his wife. Wanting to get his degree, he called the school to meet with both admissions and financial aid. Through the financial aid team, Andrew learned about the amazing benefits for military personnel offered by Globe. The small class size and great reputation for helping people find jobs after college were other reasons to Andrew decided to attend Globe, but the tipping point was the benefits Globe has for military personnel and their families. Andrew is now pursing a degree in business administration.

Andrew Thorson and his wife

Andrew’s eight year contract with the National Guard ended last fall. After leaving Iraq, the screens that Andrew and his squad put in place helped saved lives during an attack. Now, there is a new project that is going to be taking up his time upon graduation in March: his wife is expecting twin boys! It is now a race to the finish- which will arrive first? Graduation or the twins?

*As this story went to print, the twin sons of Andrew Thorson arrived! The Thorsons are thrilled and the babies will be at graduation for their dad! Congratulations!