Globe University-Woodbury Library Celebrates National Library Week

National Library Week (NLW) was a great way to honor libraries and all that they do to help our students. Olivia Moris, campus librarian at the Globe University-Woodbury campus library, planned an entire week worth of fun activities to engage the students and help celebrate the library and its student users.

Barry Hedberg (L) and Ruby Nivelo (R)

All week there was a never-ending candy bowl in the library for students to enjoy, as well as an ongoing video contest for students. The video contest allowed students to create a 10 second video telling what they love about the campus library.

Carrie Kittleson, medical assistant student, won the video contest. Congratulations Carrie!

The library windows were also covered with paper for the students to share their thoughts on different topics.Throughout the week students were stopping to read them and leave their own response.

Daily Event Trivia Winners:

How many books are in the Woodbury campus library collection?

Pia Yang, medical administrative assistant student, won Monday’s contest by guessing there were 3,500 books in the library which was incredibly close to the actual answer of 3,566. Congratulations Pia!

How many questions were answered by the campus librarian in 2013?

Cory Loveland, business management student, won the contest by guessing the librarian was asked 6,321 questions in 2013. The actual answer of how many questions the librarian was asked in 2013 was 8,147. Congratulations Cory!


Games Throughout the Week:

Tom Hakko’s Organizational Management class stopped by the library to participate in game day; the entire class took turns playing Jenga, managing to build the tower 29 stories tall before toppling it over. Students also engaged in Battleship, brain teasers, Sudoko, and Chinese checkers.

The week ended with ‘Stump the Librarian Day’ where students could stop by the librarian any reference or research based question. If the librarian could not find the answer, the student won a sticker that stated that they ‘Stumped the Librarian’ as a badge of honor. While the competition was fierce, Moris is proud to note that zero such stickers were awarded.

It was exciting to see the students using the library not only for study and research but to interact with their fellow students and the librarian in new ways.

Written by Olivia Moris, campus librarian