Halloween: More than Costumes and Candy?

halloweenHalloween was originally known as All Hallows’ Eve back in the eighth century, when people would have bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts, according to The History Channel. This celebration of superstition has turned into something very different than what once was.

Today, Halloween has turned into not only pumpkins, costumes and candy, it has taken over the entire month of October with new child- and adult-friendly neighborly traditions.

“Halloween is the second largest spending holiday next to Christmas in the United States,” said Globe University-Woodbury campus business program chair, Thomas Hakko.

Below are some of the new Halloween season festivities that neighborhoods are partaking in that you may have never heard of.

Trick-Or-Canning: Trick or canning is when you go door-to-door and ask residents to donate nonperishable items to local food pantries. Move over candy and say hello to canned soup!

Visit Foodpantries.org to find the closest food pantry in your area.

You’ve Been BOOed: One of the most recent Halloween trends in neighborhoods and workplaces is the You’ve Been BOOed concept. Basically, you print out a “We’ve been BOOed” sheet along with a directions sheet along with a bucket of candy and leave it on a neighbor’s door step or a co-worker’s desk. You then hang the “We’ve Been BOOed” sign and go ‘BOO’ two more people.

Pet Costume Contests: Halloween or Howl-o-ween shall we say is not just for people anymore, it’s for your furry friends too. Dressing up your pets for Halloween has become more and more popular throughout the years.

“Be sure to not put anything too tight on your pets, especially around their necks,” said Veterinary Technology Externship Coordinator, Jenna Goveronski.

This spooktacular holiday known as Halloween may have evolved into something different than the eighth century, but needless to say it is a fun way to spend the month of October.

Happy Halloween from Globe University/Minnesota School of Business.