How a Busy Mom of 4 Graduated College

Rena, a mom of 4, graduated college and found a great job. How did she do it?

business administration degree program

Rena Cash at the Children’s Miracle Network Radiothon.

Rena Cash is energetic, driven and outgoing. A mother of three and pregnant with her fourth daughter, Rena wanted to build her education while continuing to care for her growing family. She enrolled in the business administration degree program at Globe University and after graduating, found a wonderful job with the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals at Gundersen Health in La Crosse, Wis. This is how she found success:

Globe University was the “best fit”

“I chose Globe University because it was the best fit for my lifestyle,” explained Cash. While pregnant with her fourth child, Rena was searching for a college that would be flexible to her needs. Rena and her husband wanted a program that was the best fit for her needs. Globe provided that opportunity.

Rena found that enrolling at Globe University-La Crosse was an easy decision to make. “The staff at Globe was always so supportive and everyone was so friendly and accommodating that it made my decision to attend a really simple one,” Cash said.

Small Classes, Focused Learning

With previous work experience, Rena not only wanted a degree, but she wanted to enhance the knowledge she already had.

“Small class sizes which offered more individualized attention from instructors and the ability to utilize my previous work experience were also huge motivators for me when choosing the best college for myself,” said Cash. “I came into school with almost 14 years in administrative experience, and it was wonderful to be able to apply some of that knowledge in just about every class.”

business administration program

Rena supervising Globe University volunteers at the Childern’s Miracle Network Radiothon.

Education Builds Confidence

While increasing her education at Globe, she built confidence.

“I believe the best thing that my education has done for me is that it has helped strengthen my confidence in myself,” explained Cash. “I no longer doubt my abilities in my work and in myself.”

Rena shouldn’t doubt her abilities, as her past Globe instructors and current coworkers know she’s talented.

“Rena is a wonderful team member at CMN Hospitals and a pleasure to work with,” shared Amanda Vandehey a CMN Hospitals Specialist. “She has quickly earned the respect of many coworkers with her work ethic, knowledge and integrity. Not only does she do a great job but she makes it fun to come to work every day with her positive attitude and energy.”

Positive Support

As positive as Rena is, she also found lots of welcoming support at Globe.

“The staff and instructors always had a positive attitude which really had such a positive effect on the whole atmosphere of the school so that you actually really enjoyed just being there,” explained Cash. “Someone was always there being supportive of you.”

Because Globe University is a small career college, students receive individualized support and attention. “You weren’t just another student—you were a person,” said Rena. “The staff wanted you to be successful and would do what they could to support you and your goals.”

Success Through Globe University

With dedication and hard work at the right school for her, Rena was able to graduate and find a career she enjoys.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Globe University and the education that I received there,” shared Cash. “In the end, my education at Globe has made me a better person professionally and personally.”