Is Your GPA Worth $250?

For most people, being asked, “What is/was your GPA?” brings some hesitancy to answer.  That is unless it is such a high GPA that you feel confident to wear it on the front of a t-shit and advertise to the world.

business degree program

Cortez Sauerwein

There are two students at Globe University in Minneapolis whose high GPA above 3.0 earned them a scholarship. Tom Stoltz, business program chair, nominated Erick Sanchez and Cortez Sauerwein as two students excelling in the business degree program at Globe University.

The scholarship was awarded by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.  Both Erick and Cortez had to answer why they feel they should be selected for the $250 scholarship. 

Cortez said that he should be selected for the scholarship because, “I have every intention of graduation and becoming what I set out to be.  I am a well-rounded student, quick learner and I do my very best in every class.”

When Erick was asked the same question, his response was, “I am persistent with my goals, have a unique learning style, I can overcome obstacles and have always sought out to become a more knowledgeable individual.  Having these traits has helped me academically excel and will continue to guide me with my goals in the future.”

Erick also said, “I want to obtain a significant and challenging managerial position where the blend of my three years’ experience with nonprofit organizations and my educational skills obtained at Globe University in Minneapolis can aid my growth in the business world and help achieve the company’s goals.”

business degree program

Erick Sanchez

Personally having both Cortez and Erick in my class, I am very honored to blog about their personal achievement.  They are two students committed to achieving their goals here at Globe University. Their education at Globe and experience will take them far!

Congratulations Erick and Cortez. We are proud and honored that you choose to make Globe University-Minneapolis your home for your education.

If you are interested in joining a campus that cares about you and will help you soar in your business degree, contact us here.

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