It’s Not Just About Cows and Corn-Ag Business Careers are Bountiful

Ag BusinessAg business is big business across the country and particularly here in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Approximately one-quarter of the work force in these states is employed in agriculture and related industries. Both states rank in the top 10 in the country in annual farm income.

You know agriculture is important every time you eat something, but do you realize the variety of jobs that are included in the ag business field? While farming may be the first to come to mind, two-thirds of all agriculture jobs are located off the farm in processing, distribution, supply and service sectors.

Job titles could include:

  • Ag Inspector
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Credit Analyst
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Food Technologist
  • Sales Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Natural Science Manager
  • Ag Sales and Service Representative
  • Environmental Compliance Specialist
  • Green Industry Products Manager
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Biological Engineer
  • Herd Manager

The U.S. Department of Agriculture report Employment Opportunities for College Graduates summarizes the need for graduates with an agriculture background. The number of college graduates with experience in ag has been on the decline while the job opportunities remain strong.

There are multiple reasons for the demand for ag business degrees. One reason is that climate change has reminded us of the value of our natural resources and the need for renewable energy. Maintaining a safe, affordable and healthy food supply is another challenge and has increased the popularity of locally and regionally grown foods. And don’t forget the decreasing number of graduates from agriculture-related degree programs. All of these contribute to growth in job opportunities.

Ag Business Career Opportunities

Employers tend to prefer job applicants with an agriculture degree. Protecting the environment and producing food for a growing world population will require research and development as well as efficient use and management of resources and business.

Management and business constitutes a large area of opportunity both now and into the future. Industries will be looking for effective managers in sales, analysis and planning. Experienced professionals are needed in financial planning and credit services as well as human resources and product management.

Jobs will continue to shift from production and manufacturing to the services sector. There should be strong growth in businesses involved in ag commodities and environmental compliance and restoration.

Degree programs like Globe University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Agricultural Business, which offers core business and technology courses combined with ag courses in production, management and the environment, will fit well with the opportunities available.

Science and engineering graduates will be needed for research and development, particularly in the areas of animal science, food science,Ag Business agricultural engineering and the environmental sciences. Look for opportunities in plant and animal breeding, veterinary science and technology, environmental science and green and renewable energy.

Increasing demand for specialty and organic foods and the development of bioenergy crops will fuel the need for production consultants and managers with higher levels of education and training.

Education, communication and government services will seek applicants with multimedia and social media experience. Information architecture, health and science communication and computer graphics will also have strong demand.

Two and four year degree programs in animal science, engineering or veterinary science fields should offer the needed skills for rewarding careers in this evolving area. Globe University offers two-year Associate Degrees in Animal and Equine Science and Veterinary Technology. A four-year Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology Management is also available.

Agriculture is a cornerstone of our economy and faces the challenge of feeding the world while maintaining our environment. There is a need for educated and motivated individuals to find solutions to these issues. Consider a career in agriculture and check out the options available.